Mocktails are an interesting alternative to an alcoholic bar for an event. Here are two of my favourite recipes for you to try. The source for these recipes is as follows: Cooking Light Darcy Lenz Vol 30 number 1 Spanish … Read More

Molten Chocolate Cake

The best dessert to serve after a meal is chocolate molten cake. We at the boulevard room try to add this as an option to all our events. A wonderful recipe that you can follow is from Levanas Whole Foods … Read More

Wedding Venue Food Ideas

Some of the wedding venue food stations we are developing in our on site kitchen. Our catering team can create food menus from around the world. Italian Wild mushroom ravioli with arrabiata sauce. Spicy Sicilian eggplant with caramelized onions and … Read More

Chef Recipe from Wedding Venue Toronto

One of our favourite cocktail appetizers to serve guests before the main course is Indian grilled lamb with fresh mango chutney. The in house catering team of the boulevard can create a variety of international appetizers with precision. Indian Grilled … Read More

Sushi Rice

The in house catering team at the Boulevardroom can  create and design international cuisines. A favourite of the the chefs is making sushi rice. The following is a great recipe which they follow: Ingredients: 1 cup short grained rice, 1 … Read More

Best Small Wedding Reception Halls in Toronto

The Boulevardroom is one of the best small wedding reception halls Toronto has to offer. It is a hidden gem. The small event venue was completed in 2014. The ambiance is modern with high ceilings and brick walls. It is … Read More

Philippine Debut in Toronto

When a girl turn 18 in the Philippines, her family and friends orchestrate a large party to honor her. This tradition is known as a debut. The tradition continues to be practiced in Toronto. The number 18 plays a significant … Read More

Interfaith Wedding Reception Planning

How to Plan an Interfaith Wedding Planning a wedding can be a nightmare while planning an inter-faith wedding is a whole different story altogether. Coordinating the different traditions and weaving it into one ceremony is every bit as tedious as … Read More

Small Wedding Venues Toronto

Interesting Facts You May Not Know about Italian Weddings Planning to have an authentic Italian wedding? If you are looking to celebrate your wedding as Italians do, then you have come to the right place. Learn more about the different … Read More

Tips on Bridal Showers and Dinners

Bridal Showers and Dinners Bridal showers are a prelude to weddings. You’ve been entrusted with the job of throwing the bridal shower, and you have not done it before. Where do you start? Do you keep those bridal shower games … Read More

Tips For Choosing a Banquet Hall

  Wedding dress, check. Caterer, check. Wedding event planner, check. It certainly looks like you have got things under control, but with the wrong banquet hall it will just come crashing down. Here are some tips on how to choose … Read More

Memorable Foods

  Good Food Versus Bad Food Do you know the difference between a great meal, one that you will remember, and a meal that you would rather forget? Have you anticipated dinning at a popular restaurant and have left disappointed? … Read More

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