Banquet Halls Hosting Small Arabic Weddings

  Some traditional Arabic weddings are still observed by what we call the dessert dwellers or Bedouin, however, many young urban couples of today are opting to incorporate some modern touch to their marriage. The preparations for getting married are … Read More

Muslim Weddings

  Muslim weddings involve varying customs and traditions depending on the country where the wedding takes place, such as Pakistan, India, US, Philippines, Egypt and other nations.  These countries have different cultures, so the celebrations may vary widely, but all … Read More

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist   Block Timeframe Description Delegation Cost Block One Choose Wedding Date, City & Venue Location Set-Up Wedding Binder, Calendar & Dividers Written Budget & Number of Guests Expected Chose Theme & Colors Calendar Special Supporting Events:      … Read More

Macedonian Weddings Hosted at Small Event Venues

  Weddings in Macedonia are composed of several important rituals, so important that these rites are not treated lightly.  Some of the very important rituals are looking through the ring and the dowry. Usually almost the entire village will come … Read More

Hungarian Weddings

  Most Hungarian weddings today are more like the US weddings, but there are customs and traditions that are carried over and still observed by many Hungarian couples. As times change, it feels nice to look back on these unique … Read More

Italian Weddings

  Few cultures are known for romance and love more than the Italians. In the olden days, the marriages were arranged because the family lineage was the most important factor. A matchmaker would be hired by the groom’s family to … Read More

Small Event Venues Hosting East Indian Weddings

  East Indian weddings are festive events that are laden with important rituals and customs. While there is diversity in India’s culture, language, lifestyle and food, the wedding ceremonies vary only very little. A typical ceremony may span 3 days, … Read More

Polish Weddings at Small Event Venues

The Reception, Dancing and Food The Polish wedding reception is famous for abundance of food, lots of dancing and endless vodka. The wedding banquet begins with zapicie, which means to “drink” or to “wash down.  This is done with a … Read More

West Indian Weddings

  The Reception and Food Served The uniqueness of the Caribbean Island is shown through the food offered during the reception.  Traditionally served to the guests are curried goat, fried plantains, and spicy chicken jerky, and conch fritters.  Not to … Read More

Romanian Weddings

  In Romania, and in all cultures around the world, weddings are regarded as the most important family tradition. The ancient customs are interesting, so in today’s Romanian weddings, many of these rituals are still followed and incorporated in the … Read More

Middle Eastern Foods at a Weddings in Small Event Venues

  The countries of the Middle East include about seventeen nations clustered around the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the better known countries of the Middle East include Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon. This … Read More

Italian Weddings

  Italian weddings in the past were arranged by the parents of the bride and the groom.  They look at lineage, which is very important.  So, if the bride’s father is in doubt, no negotiation will be finalized.  Most often, … Read More

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