Philippine Debut in Toronto

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When a girl turn 18 in the Philippines, her family and friends orchestrate a large party to honor her. This tradition is known as a debut. The tradition continues to be practiced in Toronto. The number 18 plays a significant … Read More

Small East Indian Weddings

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East Indian weddings are lavish and generally last for a week or more. Because families are most concerned about passing on their traditions and values from one generation to another, marriages are usually prearranged by families or marriage brokers. The … Read More

Moroccan Weddings

Moroccan Weddings at The Boulevard Room   The basic foundation of the family in Morocco starts with the wedding. The wedding rituals have remained the same for hundreds of years and the customs are similar throughout the different Moroccan regions. … Read More

Macedonian Weddings

Macedonian Weddings at Boulevard Room   Macedonian weddings are steeped in tradition and have a lot of beautiful rituals. This is a place where big, elaborate, luxury weddings are required and expected. Families go into deep debt to finance these … Read More

Muslim Weddings

  Muslim weddings involve varying customs and traditions depending on the country where the wedding takes place, such as Pakistan, India, US, Philippines, Egypt and other nations.  These countries have different cultures, so the celebrations may vary widely, but all … Read More

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