Wedding Catering

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New wedding catering recipe from our in-house catering team. Our international chefs are constantly updating and creating new menus. They were inspired by a recent to trip to Florida. They were introduced to the flavours of papaya and mango in … Read More

Savoury Dishes

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The catering team at The Boulevard Room create delectable savory dishes to end a wedding. After some heavy drinking to celebrate the wedding, a sustainable bite is welcomed. The favourite is mini po’ boy sandwiches. A great recipe that you … Read More


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Mocktails are an interesting alternative to an alcoholic bar for an event. Here are two of my favourite recipes for you to try. The source for these recipes is as follows: Cooking Light Darcy Lenz Vol 30 number 1 Spanish … Read More

Molten Chocolate Cake

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The best dessert to serve after a meal is chocolate molten cake. We at the boulevard room try to add this as an option to all our events. A wonderful recipe that you can follow is from Levanas Whole Foods … Read More

Memorable Foods

  Good Food Versus Bad Food Do you know the difference between a great meal, one that you will remember, and a meal that you would rather forget? Have you anticipated dinning at a popular restaurant and have left disappointed? … Read More

Ethnic Foods

Toronto is a multi cultural community. Banquet Halls need to be able to cater to a diverse range of ethnic cuisines. The venues must realize that authentic ethnic foods, pertaining to a culture,  can only be prepared by chefs who … Read More

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