Small Wedding Venues in Vaughan

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What makes small wedding venues in Vaughan unique? The majority of banquet hall in Vaughan are built to host large weddings. They are multiplex facilities which can host more than one event per night. Small weddings tend to be placed … Read More

Affordable Toronto Small Wedding Venue

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Six Ways to Keep a Wedding Simple and Special Simple weddings can be just as special as ones that are extravagant. But, oftentimes, simple weddings end up losing their uniqueness. Couples can feel like because they want something simple, they … Read More

Benefits of a Small Wedding

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Small Weddings Vs. Large Weddings: The Pros and Cons to Consider One of the biggest questions that many soon-to-be married couples have to overcome when planning their wedding is how many people they should put on their guest list. While … Read More

Secrets of a Successful Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

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6 Secrets to Making Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies Work Planning an interfaith wedding ceremony is challenging. It is the union of two people who grew up in different cultures and are use to different traditions and customs. Religious beliefs are also … Read More

Wedding Venue Food Ideas

Some of the wedding venue food stations we are developing in our on site kitchen. Our catering team can create food menus from around the world. Italian Wild mushroom ravioli with arrabiata sauce. Spicy Sicilian eggplant with caramelized onions and … Read More

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