Halloween Bridal Showers at a Small Event Venue in Tornoto

We hosted an non- traditional bridal shower in the Boulevardroom. It was a small party for 45 women. The theme of the evening was Halloween. It was done upscale and did not look cheesy. The future bride was blown away by all the detailed work required for this great event.

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, the décor colours for the night were black and white. The venue was draped in black with faux cobwebs. Skeletons were hanging from the ceiling. Door greeters were dressed in ghost costumes. The center pieces were carved pumpkins with candles in the middle. The wait staff were dressed in skeleton costumes. The table setting numbers were placed on mini skull bones.

Our challenge was to create a food menu which would reflect Halloween.

The bar featured a variety of drinks with red, black and orange colours. The drinks presented were elegant and creepy. Some our favourites were: Black Velvet (stout beer and sparkling wine), Black Sun (Cointreau, dark rum, cola), Blood and Sand (scotch, cherry herring, vermouth, orange juice), El Diablo (tequila, crème de cassis, ginger beer), Dracula’s Kiss (black cherry vodka, grenadine, cola), Black Widow (blavod vodka, cranberry juice), Black Cat (vodka, cherry brandy, cranberry juice and cola).

Our  favourite hors d’oeuvres were: black and red caviar on half a hard-boiled egg, vodka poached shrimp in a shot glass filled with a bloody Mary cocktail sauce, Moroccan cigars drizzled with red wine sauce.

The appetizer was a salad which resembled the traditional black and orange colours of Halloween. It consisted of sliced navel oranges, black Greek olives, feta cheese, baby arugula in a raspberry vinaigrette. It was a delicious mixture of colours.

Trying to maintain the black theme of Halloween, our main course was jerk chicken with wild red Spanish rice, black beans and strawberry mango salad. This was topped with a vibrant orange pumpkin corn bread.

The evening ended with a chocolate spider cake and traditional creepy Halloween candies.

The Boulevardroom is the ideal Toronto event venue for small parties.

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