Philippine Debut

In the Philippines when a girl turns 18 she has a Debut. This  is similar to the Spanish Quinceanera, which is celebrated when the girl turns 15.

The Debut is the coming of age. It is a time of celebration with special foods and music. The girl is referred to as the “debutante”. She is being introduced into society.

The presentation of 18 roses by males usually consists from family members and close friends. Each male presents a rose to the debutante and performs a short waltz with her. One of the roses is from the father. The traditional father and daughter portion comes right after.

The presentation of 18 candles is performed by 18 females. They will lit each candle and offer their best wishes and advice to the debutante. After all the candles have been lit, the debutante blows them out.

The final presentation is the cotillion de honor, a waltz performed by the debutante and her escort and 9 pairs of friends.

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