Interfaith Wedding Reception Planning

Wedding ReceptionHow to Plan an Interfaith Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a nightmare while planning an inter-faith wedding is a whole different story altogether. Coordinating the different traditions and weaving it into one ceremony is every bit as tedious as it sounds. Here are some helpful pointers that can hopefully make things easier.

Talk it out

You and your fiancé knew this was in store while you were dating, and have even talked about it. But the idea of an inter-faith wedding certainly seems a whole lot different now that it is so close. Nevertheless, it is not as difficult. Start by talking to your fiancé about their standing on faith and accordingly plan out the wedding. You have the choice of honoring one of the religions in the ceremony, both in a single ceremony, having two different ceremonies that honor both religions or just a neutral ceremony that does not focus on any faith. Make sure that any decisions you make on the wedding receptions are as a team, and do not let others come in and make religion the highlight instead of the wedding celebrations itself!

Tailoring your wedding ceremony

Despite being from different faiths, many couples do want to incorporate their specific religious customs and traditions in the ceremony, even if it means that it is going to be very different from a same-faith wedding ceremony and may raise a few eyebrows. Whether it is done to honor their beliefs or due to family pressure, couples should set aside any apprehension that they may have about how it may be received by the wedding guests. It can get difficult if you have to please everyone on the wedding guest list on your agenda, instead of just enjoying yourselves and celebrating your respective wedding traditions together. Couples should look at tailoring their own wedding ceremony that has traditional elements that matter to both parties- the bride and the groom. It may seem a little odd or unfamiliar, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course, if you think that it may not work so well, then you can always look at arranging two separate wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions.

Finding an officiant

Finding an officiant may be a little tricky if you are looking to honor both traditions during inter-faith weddings. Some sects will carry out the ceremony only if the terms are in line with their religion, which may not work out if you and your fiancé are bent upon incorporating both traditions in the wedding. Some couples choose to get two officiants for the ceremony while others choose to have two separate wedding ceremonies. If you do plan on getting two different officiants for the ceremony, make sure that they know about the ceremony format and how you intend to raise your children in the future. Some religious officials may not conduct the ceremony unless the couple promises that their children will be raised in the same religion. You want to be honest with the officiator and find one who is open to inter-faith weddings for your big day.

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