Company Christmas Party-Say Yes

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company Christmas partyAre you saying, “humbug” to your company’s Christmas party?

Do your think that at holiday party is expensive?

Do you think that it is  an unnecessary allocation of funds?

Do you think that planning a holiday party will consume a large amount of time?

Do you think that people do not care?

Reasons to have a company holiday party are:

It shows your employees that you appreciate all their hard work and efforts.
It lets employees socialize with each other and get to know one another better.
It increases company morale.
It shows employees that someone does care.
It is a great way to end the year and begin the new year with a positive outlook.
It shows gratitude on behalf of management.
It provides the employee with a sense of well being about their place of work.

What you should consider for you holiday party?
Set a Date
How much can you afford to spend?
What type of food are you going to serve?
How will alcohol be served? Are you going to have an open bar, provide drink tickets or a cash bar?
Will there be employee recognition and awards?
Are you going to provide holiday goody bags?
Are you going to nominate someone to say thank for a great evening?
Will there be transportation?

Most small companies find it difficult to host a holiday party because of size. Event venues in Toronto are not designed to accommodate small functions. Small companies are forced to provide their employees with an in-house company lunch. On site business lunches are lame.

The Boulevard Room was designed to host holiday parties for small companies. Party size ranges from 50 to 100 people. The facility offers privacy because it is a single event venue. Only one party per night.

It is very affordable and Christmas   menu packages start at $50 per person.

The Boulevardroom is the perfect Toronto event venue to host your company’s Christmas party.

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