Italian Weddings


event venuesFew cultures are known for romance and love more than the Italians. In the olden days, the marriages were arranged because the family lineage was the most important factor. A matchmaker would be hired by the groom’s family to send a message to the bride’s family for a potential match. If the bride’s father accepted the groom’s proposal, then a wedding was planned. Diamonds, believed to be created by the flames of love, have been the traditional wedding gem since the 1400’s. The groom would give his bride a diamond engagement ring, the bride would assemble a trousseau, and her family would provide a dowry of money and gifts.

One of the wedding traditions that has made it into modern wedding rituals are the couple’s customary obstacle walk to the wedding chapel together. For instance, friends, family, and neighbors might place litter in the path of the couple and if the bride picks up a broom to clear the litter from the path, it is said that she will keep a clean and tidy house. If there is a child blocking the path and the bride stops to help and care for the child, it is said she will be a good mother. If there is a large log blocking the road and the couple uses a double handled saw to cut the wood so that it can be removed, it is said they will work well together in a loving partnership.

Some Italian folklore that have made it into the twenty-first century are tying a ribbon on the door of the wedding chapel symbolizing the bond between the bride and the groom, avoiding marriage dates around Lent and Advent because they are believed to be unlucky, warding off evil spirits from the groom because he has a piece of iron in his pocket, veiling the bride’s face to ward off jealous spirits, tearing of the bride’s veil as a symbol of good luck, wearing gold on her wedding day brings bad luck to the bride, eating confetti candy and bow tie fried dough pastries brings fertility and good luck, and getting married on Sunday because it is the luckiest day of the week.

Italian weddings are held in churches. Brides try to borrow a family member’s wedding dress if at all possible because it is considered an honor to pass down a dress from one generation to another. After the ceremony, the couple should break a glass and count the shards that result from the breakage. The number of shards represents the number of years that the couple will be happily married. At the end of the ceremony it is customary to throw confetti when the couple leaves the church. The confetti symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and money in the couple’s future. As the confetti is thrown, releasing of doves symbolizes happiness and love for the couple.

The wedding reception is considered as important as the ceremony, and even more important, by many Italians. A band is present, lots of good food is served, and decorations of flowers and ribbons are abundant. The reception starts with the cocktail hour for the guests, during which time the wedding party takes their photographs and spends time together. After the cocktail hour, the bride and groom along with the wedding party and parents of the couple stage a dramatic entrance to the reception. The first dance is reserved for the bride and groom and speeches are orchestrated to honor the newlyweds.

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