Philippine Debut in Toronto

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Philippine Debut TorontoWhen a girl turn 18 in the Philippines, her family and friends orchestrate a large party to honor her. This tradition is known as a debut. The tradition continues to be practiced in Toronto.

The number 18 plays a significant role in the event. The debutante usually chooses 18 friends to form her entourage. During the party 18 candles are lit by friends and family. Each candle symbolizes the virtues which the debutante has achieved. A speech is given by each person lighting the candle. The celebrante blows out the candles and makes a wish.

The official dance of the girls debut is the cotillion de honor. On the dance floor are nine boys and nine girls, plus the guest of honor and her escort. An elaborate waltz, which is orchestrated and practiced for weeks, is performed for all the guests. At this time, 18 roses are presented to the debutante.

Tradition also dictates that the debutante mus be presented with 18 treasures (gifts) from each of her 18 friends. Each friend explains why they have chosen that particular gift.

The three components of the debut are 18 roses, 18 candles and 18 treasurers.

The Avenue Banquet Hall  and The Boulevard Room host many Philippine debut.

Debut Program

Cocktail Hour


Welcome Remarks

Grand Debut Entrance

Cotillion de Honor


Father and Daughter Dance

18 Roses

Blowing of the 18 Candles

Cutting of the Cake

Toast in honor of the debutante

Debutante Speech

Dancing the night away.

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