Tips For Choosing a Banquet Hall

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wedding venueWedding dress, check. Caterer, check. Wedding event planner, check. It certainly looks like you have got things under control, but with the wrong banquet hall it will just come crashing down. Here are some tips on how to choose one.


The location that you choose for wedding receptions will certainly affect the guest turnout numbers. Some wedding guests may pass up the invitation if the wedding reception is in a place that is not easily accessible. So you may want to think twice before you finalize that countryside club, which can be rented out at an amazing price. If a prime venue seems expensive for your budget then you can choose a venue that can be conveniently accessed even if it is not in a fancy location.


Along with the wedding venues, the size is a key consideration while choosing a banquet hall. The size of the hall depends on the number of guests at the wedding reception. So you want to make sure that the banquet hall is roomy enough to hold all the guests without making them feel cramped for space, while not be overly-spacious too. Of course, you want to be slightly partial to a roomier banquet hall while choosing just to be on the safer side. If you’re going to have a band or a DJ entertaining the guests, then make sure you talk to them to gauge how much space they may require.

Food and drink

The banquet facility that you choose may offer catering services themselves, or allow you to bring your own caterer. Make sure you clarify the same with them before booking. In case they do not allow other caterers be sure to sample the food to see if it is what you are going for. Some banquet facilities allow other caterers, only the wedding party will have to choose from a list of caterers that they have tied up with. Make sure that you inquire about the bar service and alcohol as well, along with questions such as whether they have an open bar, is there a corkage fee, or do they have in-house bartenders and so on.

Interiors and amenities

Make sure that the interiors of the banquet halls are in line with your wedding party theme. Another thing that you want to ask the facility owners is if they are or are going to be remodeling the banquet during the reception. The last thing that you want is the wedding band’s tunes to be drowned by hammering noises, and chalk dust over everyone’s suits.

Most banquet halls have basic amenities like restrooms. Find out if the facility will be providing the furniture and glassware for the event, or if you will have to rent it out. Inquire if they have a parking space for guests, and also about the valet service. Some facilities even have accommodations, which can come in handy if you have guests flying in from other places. You may even get a discount if you are booking multiple rooms.

The boulevard room is the perfect wedding venue to host a wedding reception in Toronto. It is a single event venue which can hold up to 100 people.

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