Wedding Venue Food Ideas

Caribbean fishSome of the wedding venue food stations we are developing in our on site kitchen. Our catering team can create food menus from around the world.

Wild mushroom ravioli with arrabiata sauce.
Spicy Sicilian eggplant with caramelized onions and herbs.
Iceberg and red cabbage with focaccia croutons in herb dressing.
Pesto crusted tilapia.
Served with artisan bread basket and garlic butter.

Asian Stir Fry
Lemongrass chicken stir fry.
Steamed jasmine rice.
Baby bok choy with toasted cashews.
Napa cabbage slaw with julienne carrot and peppers in honey sesame vinaigrette.

The Whole Food Lover
Miso glazed salmon
Quinoa salad with roasted yam dried cranberry in balsamic reduction.
Edamame salad with citrus vinaigrette.
Butter crisp green beans.

Moroccan Chicken
Moroccan spiced chicken in apricot jus.
Carrots and cauliflower roasted in harissa butter with olives.
Couscous pilaf with chickpeas, red and yellow peppers and fennel.
Baby spinach with mandarin, almonds in orange blossom vinaigrette.

Smoked BBQ Brisket

Pulled beef brisket in smoky barbecue jus.
Smashed new potatoes with lemon and thyme.
Butter crisp green beans.
Spinach and red leaf salad in balsamic dressing.

Thai vegetable red curry with tofu mushroom and summer squash and sweet potoatoes.
Saffron scented basmati rice.
Aromatic napa cabbage slaw with julienne carrots and peppers.
Veggie skewers with zucchini, peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Our in house catering team can create a wide variety of ethnic foods from around the world. We are also able to infuse modern cooking techniques with traditional cooking recipes. We are able to develop cross culture menus. We have blended menus to incorporate East Indian and Polish cultures, Chinese and Portuguese cultures, West Indian and Russian cultures , Persian and Jewish cultures, Jewish and Filipino cultures, Caribbean and Italian cultures.

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