Ethnic Foods

Toronto is a multi cultural community. Banquet Halls need to be able to cater to a diverse range of ethnic cuisines. The venues must realize that authentic ethnic foods, pertaining to a culture,  can only be prepared by chefs who have trained in the countries from which the particular culture originates. The chefs must know how the food should taste. You can not have an Italian trained chef preparing traditional Asian or Indian cuisine.

The Boulevard was designed to host small events from 50 to 120 people. There are not many event venue facilities which can accommodate small ethnic weddings or social events. Historically, small events such as these would have to be in a restaurant environment with no privacy  or intimacy. Now the Boulevard offers exclusivity, privacy and intimacy for smaller events.

At The Boulevard, the executive head chef, Hani Ben Shabat, leads a team of international chefs who can offer international cuisines of all types. Whether its Asian, Indian, Halal, Kosher, North American, European or Middle Eastern the catering team will design a food package that will suit your taste and budget.

The Boulevard is the only small single event venue with in house catering and an on site kitchen.

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