Apricots Are Great Food Ingredients

Cooking with Apricots

Apricots are sweet, fragrant rich and are true gifts of nature. They are not only very delicious but are excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and potassium. They are also good source of minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and manganese. For those who are concerned about their calories intake, apricots are low in fat and are cholesterol-free.

While using fresh apricots for cooking, add them to your dish quickly after cutting as the cut apricots when exposed to air become dark.  If you have the habit of getting all the ingredients cut and sorted before cooking, you can dip your cut apricots in an acidic solution.

Best part with apricots is they don’t lose their nutrients during the canning or cooking process. Therefore you can freely make use of canned or dried apricots when fresh ones are not available. If you are using dried apricots and you find your apricots very dry for your recipe, you can easily soften them by soaking them in a liquid for a while or you can even soften them in the microwave as well. Take the microwave dish and place the single layer of apricots in it and sprinkle them with water, then microwave it for a minute.

Apricots are a healthy addition to any diet. Sweet taste and soft texture of apricots complement a variety of foods…use them in pies and cobblers. Simplest way for cooking with fresh apricots is to boil them and store them and enjoy them by serving on toast or ice cream.

Apricots can be a great addition to salads; they give a tempting look and yummy taste to ice creams. They are also used for jam, marmalade, syrup and jelly preparation. Apricots jam is generally used as a glaze on pastries.

Apricot lovers can have apricots on hand all year round. These can be easily dried and are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Apricots can add flavor to your party or family event, as it go extremely well on the grill…Just slice them into halves and thread several onto a skewer. Apricots work well in many savory dishes, mainly lamb and poultry.

Apricots can make the summer all the more special…just think of their soft and juicy flesh. Apricots are amazing for eating raw but they are equally great in both sweet and savory dishes. Just use your innovations and try apricots in any recipe.

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