How to Find a Small Wedding Venue

Banquet halls have minimum requirements and refuse to do wedding events which are less than 100 people. They do not find it to be cost effective. There seems to be a penalty applied to couples who are planning a small intimate wedding. In a multiplex facility, smaller events are usually placed in poor locations within the hall and are overshadowed by the other larger events taking place. Very little time is devoted to the event.

Traditionally, the only option for a small wedding was a restaurant.

The Avenue Banquet Hall has opened a new event venue specifically designed to service small wedding events. The venue is adjacent to The Avenue and enjoys the same in house catering, chefs and wait staff. No event is too small. All events, whether large or small receive the same professional attention.

For the first time, there is now a banquet hall dedicated to serving small functions. It is a single event venue. You are not lost in a large complex with larger functions. The staff is dedicated to serving you and making sure that all your needs and wishes are met.

The Boulevard Room has a modern contemporary ambiance with high open ceilings, wooden floors, stone and glass mirror walls.  It is not your typical traditional banquet hall setting.


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