Kosher Cooking


Most of the time, people have a wrong impression that Rabbis or other religious people bless food to make it Kosher. But these are blessings that Jews recite before eating the food and this has nothing to do with making the food kosher. Kosher food is actually food prepared in accordance with Jewish cooking laws. Even Chinese food can be kosher if it is prepared in accordance with these laws which are known as ‘Kashrut’.

Kosher is not a style of cooking. So when a restaurant calls itself ‘Kosher Style’, most of the time it would mean that the restaurant serves traditional Jewish foods and it might not mean that the food is actually Kosher.

Orthodox Jews follow the laws of kashrut very strictly, by having special kosher kitchens and keeping separate utensils and serving dishes for dairy and meat. But most of the modern Jews generally pick and choose what actually works for them like keeping Kosher on religious days only. So Jews treat Kashrut with varying degrees of flexibility like other Jewish traditions and customs.

The most well known rule of kashrut which you might have heard of is regarding pork. Pork is one of a number of foods forbidden from consumption by Jews. There are many other laws involved in keeping a meal Kosher…like type of meat, how animals are slaughtered, how food is served and what it is served with.

Here are some general rules to help you understand what kosher meal is. Please note that these are general rules only, actual food laws are much stricter with extensive details –

There is a complete separation of Meat and Milk or Dairy products. Meat and milk products are not cooked together in Kosher. Even the utensils are kept separately for meat and milk in kosher kitchens. Meat and dairy products are not even eaten together; strict kosher families wait for few hours before they eat meat after eating dairy products.

The animals and birds must be killed in accordance with Jewish laws. All blood must be drained out completely from meat before it could be eaten. Sometimes even the fish may not be eaten with meat. Certain parts of the animals are also forbidden for consumption. Although fruits and vegetables are permitted but need to be inspected thoroughly for any bugs before consumption.

Like mentioned earlier as well, these are just general rules in understanding the basic kosher cooking and laws around it. The degrees to which Jewish people follow these laws would depend on their level of religious observance.

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