Wedding Decorating Ideas


Event Venue Small East Indian Wedding A wedding is among of the most anticipated and memorable occasions which will forever be imprinted into the memories of those starting their marriage life. The splendor of the venue is as crucial as the symbolism of the ceremony as it can make a difference to the wedding. For this reason, you need to plan your wedding with attention to the decor so as to add style, fun, and drama to it. The way the wedding decor turns out largely depends on what the couple want it to be. Therefore, it is important to gauge the mood and style of the couple. Here are a few wedding decorating ideas.

Color scheme

When considering wedding decor you need to think about color schemes. Choose colors that add interest and ties everything together. Bright
colors are great for outdoor, summer as well as daytime weddings, while softer and warmer colors are suitable for evening or the winter. While a touch of color here and there can add style to your wedding, too much color or trying to match just about everything will make the wedding look more like a teenage birthday party than a stylish wedding. Try
to keep to natural colors and only use brighter ones very sparingly here and there.


Flowers are very important part of any event, and the possibilities of embellishing your venue are endless. Placing flowers in different sized jars with multicolored stones
will go a long way towards adding style to your wedding. To begin with, shun flowers that are out of season as they can make the place look out-of-date. Rather than placing them on the tables, you can disperse a few petals over each table. Alternatively, you can bring them to the reception room. Adorn your table and the guests will not know.

Unique theme

The theme is arguably the one where all the wedding details are going to be referred from. When selecting the right theme, the couple should include
their personalities into it. There are many wedding themes to pick from, which sometimes make the choice a bit complex. One of the best themes is fairytale. There
are several ways to have a fairytale themed ceremony, including having the horse drawn carriage rather than riding a limo. Another popular choice is a
tropical theme, which is easy to use and full of energy.

Use candles

Candles are equally attractive to flowers, making them popular during weddings. They provide a romantic, soothing atmosphere to the wedding venue. Most couple use
pillar candles since they don’t get burned easily. As well as providing an ample light for every table, they also provide impressive effect, making the entire venue warm. Another alternative of wedding candles that you can use are tea light candles. Different from their pillar cousins, tea light candles can create a fairy-like brightness to any
table. With wall brackets, candles might even be employed as cheap wall decor.

Digital photo frame

A majority of people use pictures to decorate their wedding, but in this digital age, you can employ digital photo frames to achieve distinct,
fun wedding decorations. While you won’t have too many decors at the wedding aside from the flowers, you may use your digital photo frame at the church. The best
place to place it is by the guest book so that invited guests can see photos of you and your spouse when they sign their name. While these frames can be used at
the church, they are probably best suited as reception decors.

Use fruits

Fruits can affect the mood of the ceremony, and thus they should not be overlooked. They can be used as table centerpieces or combined
with flowers and used as aisle decoration. The fruits should be selected in a color that matches the look of the occasion. Citrus fruits are a great match for shades of yellow, orange and green, while apples, pomegranates and grapes will perfectly match reds, pinks and purples. Colorful fruits are cost effective than using large amounts of flowers, yet they
are just as attractive when used in a proper manner.


Balloons are a cheaper way to add interest to any wedding venue. They are versatile and more affordable than other options. In order to enlighten the entire atmosphere tie
these decors to everything and anything in the reception room. Alternate between different colors and ensure that the balloons are not excessively
bunched up. Small groups of between 2 to 3 spaced-out evenly are highly recommended. Stylishly done, balloons add a special thing to the ceremony and make the whole experience absolutely stunning.


The right lighting can turn an ordinary ceremony into something magnificent bringing together sights, tastes and sounds into a
symphony of delight. Additionally, the right will dress up the drabbest of reception rooms that require that special extra touch.
You can either opt for soft or subdued lighting to give a warm and comfy feel to the entire ambiance. Also, couples can use decorative lanterns that would not
just light up the area but also add to its splendor. This lighting is also perfect for adding color, depth as well as dimension to any wedding recep

Napkins and table cloths

A typical table decor can add to the ceremony pretty well. Common table decors are cylinder glasses, balloons, and placeholders. While they are all splendid, they suffer a sense of
resemblance as they are so regularly used as wedding decorations. Rather than using such decors that embody similarity, go for napkins and table cloths. The first table should have a pink table cloth with the blue napkins, whereas the second table should have a blue table cloth with the
pink napkins, and so on.

In conclusion, a wedding is an expression of the couple’s love for each other. Before you make a decision on which idea to employ, it would be helpful to go through the photos
of such decorations used at other wedding ceremonies. It is difficult to develop an accurate picture in your mind without the clue on how to proceed.


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