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Small Banquet HallYour wedding should be the most important and memorable day in your life. This means that it needs an awful lot of planning to be done properly. One of many things you will have to consider is the type of food that you are serving. Food and romance are very closely related to one another. If you get wedding foods right, then your guests will have a great time. This guide will look at the different types of food that you can serve at a wedding so you make the right decision.

Catering for Everyone

It’s important to make sure that everyone who attends your wedding is catered for. If they have a special dietary requirement then this will either affect the food that you can serve for the whole wedding reception, or mean that you have to offer alternative choices.

Ask about any food allergies and dietary requirements well in advance. You may for example have to offer a vegetarian option for those people who don’t eat meat. It’s a good idea to ask this information on the wedding invitations. This way you can find out exactly which foods you can serve when you find out how many people can come to your wedding.

Also consider any children who will be at the reception. Children are generally much pickier than adults and also like fun foods. If you have special menus for kids then this should make them feel much happier, and who knows they might even behave better.


After your wedding ceremony, most people will be very hungry. This could mean that they will be unable to wait until the food is served. To get around this make sure that there are snacks available for everyone to eat on the table as the guests come to the reception. These snacks don’t have to be anything special, they can just be bread and butter, or crackers and cheese. People will be so hungry that they will eat anything.

Some people also make their own wedding favors with small snacks or sweets inside. It’s quite easy to make these by visiting a craft store. It’s certainly much cheaper to make these yourself rather than paying someone else to make them for you.

The Cake

The cake will be the center of every meal. It’s an important part of the whole wedding ceremony and there are many different types and designs of wedding cake you can choose. Wedding cakes need to be personal and can be designed to be either a traditional layered cake, or something more contemporary. More and more couples are also choosing to have a number of separate cupcakes rather than a traditional wedding cake. This makes it easy for everyone to have the same size portion to take home with them. A display of dozens of separate cupcakes also looks very impressive.


Appetizers are normally quite simple, but if you get them from a caterer then they can be very expensive. Most catering firms put a massive mark up on their appetizers because people will order them as part of the meal. However, you can save some money by preparing the appetizers in advance yourself. Most simple appetizers are easy to prepare and can be made in advance and then frozen. They can then be warmed up at the wedding venue before they are actually needed.

Buffet Meal

Most people dream of having a fancy sit down meal for their wedding with lots of waiting staff. While this sounds like a great idea, it can be quite costly. What most people care about is what they are eating, and not how it is served to them. A buffet allows you to have a nice meal, but also makes it possible to save some money without needing additional wait staff. A lot of wedding venues will offer buffet services, so it’s worth asking.

Many different types of wedding foods are perfect for serving as a buffet. These can include roast meats, or a more international menu. You could also offer tacos or other types of foods that you wouldn’t normally associate with weddings.

A word of warning though, although buffet meal prices will be cheaper in most venues this isn’t always the case. Some venues charge more money for a buffet than a plated meal. It’s a good idea to check the prices of both options so that you can decide which type of meal is right for your reception.<br><br>

Plated Meals

If you don’t like the idea of a buffet wedding meal and everyone helping themselves, then you will want a plated meal. This is either where waiters bring plates round for you with the food already plated up. This creates a very refined dining experience, but it is more costly. You could also get the family involved to take the plates to the tables.

Family Cooking

Another great type of wedding food that you might like to consider is family cooking. If there are some good cooks in your family then this is a great way to serve a tasty and nutritious meal. Nicely home cooked foods are always better than eating out at a restaurant and will give your reception that special touch. Don’t worry about what your guests will think, they will certainly enjoy a traditional home cooked meal.

You can serve anything for a wedding. If you love lasagna’s then this would be a great example of easy to prepare and tasty wedding foods. Cooking trays of lasagna is also going to be cheaper, than and just as tasty as many other types of wedding meal.

Personal Food

Wedding foods should always say something about the couple wherever possible. A nice meal is lovely, but it’s even nicer if it is personal. There’s no real rules stipulating which foods you can serve at a wedding. If you love eating pizza then this would be a great type of food to serve. You could order takeout and get it delivered to your wedding venue. This saves time and will also reduce your catering bill.

By choosing the right wedding foods you can make your special day even more memorable. You can choose virtually any food that you want to make the right impression on you

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