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affordable wedding venueSix Ways to Keep a Wedding Simple and Special

Simple weddings can be just as special as ones that are extravagant. But, oftentimes, simple weddings end up losing their uniqueness. Couples can feel like because they want something simple, they don’t have to worry about the details. Unfortunately, this can cause the wedding to wind up feeling less than memorable.

However, there is a way to keep a wedding both simple and special.

And it’s all in the details.

Below are six things to consider when planning your special – and simple – day.

1. Keep the guest list small. Small doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone but by keeping your guest list under 200 people will make things much more simple.
2. Get it catered. Having your food catered will take a huge weight off your shoulders. It’s definitely worth the money. Be sure to pick something fun that goes with the theme of your wedding too.
3. Have a simple menu. Don’t give your guests fifteen different options for dinner. This puts more stress on your caterer which can ultimately lead to more stress for you too. Stick to five or less menu options if you can help it.
4. Pick easy attire. This means go with nice rented tuxes for the groom and groomsmen and simple dresses for the bridesmaids. Don’t stress too much on this part. Focus on keeping it classic. Of all the attire in your wedding party, the bride’s dress is the most important.
5. Choose a coordinator for your big day. You don’t necessarily have to hire anyone. Sometimes a trusted family member is all you need to help. You’ll be thankful to have someone help you keep things organized on the big day.
6. Consider scheduling your wedding early in the day.This helps guarantee that you’ll be able to get back home or head off on your honeymoon earlier. This is a good option because it keeps you from getting exhausted and limits the time you have to worry. t

When it comes to making your day special it’s important to get creative. Some of the most memorable weddings are those that go with the flow. For example, if you know that there will be kids at your wedding, you can line their tables with butcher paper and provide them with markers to color. Sometimes, this turns into one of the family’s favorite keepsakes!

Other things, like passing around the guest book instead of creating a table that always produces a line, can help guests write down memories without creating a hassle.

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