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small wedding ceremonySmall Weddings Vs. Large Weddings: The Pros and Cons to Consider

One of the biggest questions that many soon-to-be married couples have to overcome when planning their wedding is how many people they should put on their guest list. While the question of who to invite seems like one that should be pretty straightforward, the truth is that it can turn into one of the biggest concerns.

Thankfully, the “who” to invite becomes a little easier once couples decide one thing: are they going to have a small wedding or a large wedding?

There are many things that need to be considered when deciding between a large wedding and a small one.

Here are three pros and cons of small weddings specifically to help solve any big wedding vs. small wedding dilemmas.

Pros of Small Weddings

1. They’re typically less expensive. If you’re on a budget small weddings are always a great option because you can get away with a smaller, typically less expensive venue and lower food costs.
2. They’re more intimate. Small weddings are great because you are able to easily talk and feel comfortable with everyone there. Being able to recognize everyone at your wedding will put you at ease and help you avoid those awkward conversations with that long lost second cousin.
3. They’re less work. The sheer thought of having to coordinate an event for hundreds of people can make anyone’s head spin. Something for fifty people? That seems more doable. Everything, from catering food to renting tables and chairs and coordinating a place to stay, is easier when there are fewer people to consider.

Cons of Small Weddings

1. Guest lists can be more stressful. When you’re narrowing down a small group of close family and friends to invite to your wedding, you will have to face tough conversations about who makes the cut and who doesn’t.
2. The atmosphere may be a bit dull. There’s a big difference when you show up to a wedding that has hundreds of people rather than fifty. That feeling you get when there are hundreds of people all on the dance floor at once is something that you just won’t get with a small wedding.
3. Fewer gifts. If you’re like lots of newlyweds, the cost of getting a new house or an apartment after getting married can make money tight. Fewer gifts means more things you’ll have to buy yourself to settle into your new home. Of course, you’ll have spent less money on the wedding, but it’s still something to consider.

If you start to look at the pros and cons of large weddings, you’ll typically see that the lists are just mirrored from what you see above. Guest lists will be less stressful, the atmosphere will be more exciting, and you’ll get more gifts. But, you will pay more money, have a less intimate feel, and have a lot more work to get it planned and organized.

At the end of the day, you and your partner will know what’s right for you. Go with your gut and don’t look back!

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